Anyone with a home in the San Francisco Bay Area understands what a special place it is and how lucky we are to live here. Not only is our little corner of the world the center of cutting edge technology but it’s also on the forefront of architectural and design trends which have influence well beyond our nine county region.

Add to that the incredible weather, entertainment options, cultural events and unparalleled natural beauty and it’s easy to understand why so many people want to move and make a home here! And, since Bay Area housing comes at a premium, the desire to maintain and beautify your home is more than just a chore, it’s a matter of pride.

woman in bay area home bath with candles

It’s for that reason that was created.

Our website aims to be a helpful resource for Bay Area home owners who are looking for fresh ideas, tips and design inspiration for the most utilized and, perhaps, underappreciated part of their home: the bathroom.

All of the content created and edited for is researched and made available for free to provide Bay Area home owners with the most helpful information about bathroom remodeling available.

Our site covers it all, from design and decorating ideas to fixtures and furnishings, simple DIY fixes and large-scale renovations. When it comes to bathrooms, we plan to cover it all so there’s always a reliable resource you can go to for help.

As part of this mission, we invite your feedback, suggestions and contributions to help us make the number one site in the Bay Area for bathroom remodeling information.

Thank you and happy remodeling!


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