Showers and bathtubs are an essential part of your bathroom’s function, so it only makes sense that Bay Area Bath would dedicate a lot of our focus on this popular topic. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or new addition, the tub and shower choices you make are going have a major impact on your level of enjoyment, whether as part of your daily routine or occasional relaxation. There are lots of facets to explore with tubs and showers, including best materials, style trends, installation concerns and design functionality.

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Are Shower Filters Worth It?

Have you ever noticed that your hair and skin sometimes feel different after showering in a different place? It could be a change in the water. Water is full of all kinds of contaminants....

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How To Choose The Best Bathtub

When you’re in the market for a new bathtub, you want the best. You want a bathtub style that fits your particular interior and that matches the decor of the rest of your home....

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Is A Walk-In Bathtub Right For You?

When you think about it, standard bathtubs don’t have the easiest design for people with limited mobility or physical challenges. Stepping over the side to get into the tub can be difficult enough, but...