The Bay Area Bath Lifestyle section is for those who wish to experience everything that a luxury bathroom design has to offer, with ideas, examples and inspiration. Enjoying the luxury of a well-designed bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean lifestyles of the rich and famous either. Sometimes the smallest changes or remodeling schemes can bring whole new life to your “me” time. Look here for ways to take luxuriating to another level.

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Must-Have Kids Bathroom Accessories

Life with kids is amazing, but it also brings special challenges. In the bathroom, these can include a range of logistical struggles such as how to help your kids easily reach the sink or...

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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

The bathroom is your own personal sanctuary, providing the perfect place to shut yourself away from the stresses of the world after a long day. However, you can take those relaxed vibes to a...

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How To Make Your Bathroom Child Proof

Bathrooms are a place of ultimate relaxation for adults. The place where you chill out and take it easy in the tub or enjoy a long, luxuriously warm shower. But the day you start...